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Champagne flutes with names and date
Drink and be merry
Fish bowl
Good wine, good company, good welcome
Isabella Grace (christening bowl)
Jane Austen bowl
Joel born - christening bowl
Joie de vivre
Many waters cannot quench love
Oxford University gift to Waseda Universitiy don
This bowl looks empty but is full of love
Vinum bonum
Yours and Mine
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Julian Cole Applied Art
Julian Cole born in England, has been living in France for the past ten years.She engraves all types of crystal and glass. Each piece is unique and can be personalised to your requirements if you want to commission a piece.
Adult Education Calligraphy course.
Julian's work is in the collection of 'Dan Klein Associates - Experts in Contemporary Glass' and can be seen in churches in Oxford and Michelmersh (Hampshire).
Selected Commissions/collections:
Pieces can also be specially blown to order, but for this, a minimum of 3 months time should be allowed ; Jugs, bowls, decanters, plates and glass of any size can be engraved for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, retirements or presentations of any kind with initials, monograms or complete inscriptions. Some items on the site may not be available immediately. Pieces may take 3 months to produce if they are not in stock. Please contact us for more details on availabilities of a piece.
Artist's Statement:
Julian has always been interested in lettering and when her family grew up she took an Adult Education Calligraphy course and joined the Oxford Scribes and the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) based in London. She attended their workshops and developed her skills with their tutors. During the last 20 years she became fascinated by letters and their different forms. At first she practised traditional calligraphy using pen, ink and paper ; then 10 years ago she learnt to engrave glass, found it much easier than she had imagined, and combined the two disciplines - lettering and engraving. She became a member of the Guild of Glass Engravers and later an Associate Fellow. After 10 years of calligraphy on paper, Julian decided to engrave her lettering on glass, fascinated by the effects and reflections produced by its transparence.She combined the two techniques - calligraphy and engraving.
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