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Midnight City
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Julia Hawkins Paintings
Julia's work varies from bold abstract to figurative, floral, landscape and still life studies, in a multitude of styles. Paintings incorporate layers of plaster and collage to develop texture to the canvas. As well as selling her work in the form of fine art prints, which are distributed worlwide, Julia's original canvas paintings adorn the walls of hotels, private collections, property developments, restaurants and galleries. She has completed many fine art commissions and sells her work directly from her studio and through art fairs, trade shows, galleries and exhibitions.
BA Hons (First) Fine Art & Printmaking
Group Exhibitions:
1997: Mall Galleries
2000-08: NEC Spring Fair
2002-08: Surtex New York
2005-06: Frankfurt Art Fair
Artist's Statement:
Julia's style develop continuously through an exploration of new materials and paint effects. Artworks often incorporate plaster, fabrics, collage, varnishes and a variety of paint mediums, resulting in unique works of art that enhance any setting or interior.
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