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Nude on Pillow
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John Earl Entrekin Paintings
John Earl was born John Earl Entrekin, in Watertown, NY. He graduated from a small junior college with an associates degree in Advertising Art and Design. After graduation he joined the Navy and spent the next 7 years in the submarine service. Since then his life has been very diverse and well traveled.Always interested in painting and never far from an easel, he took painting as a full time career in 1980. Starting with New England style watercolors and later egg tempera he moved to oils and started to work with figure painting.John has always been fascinated with the styles and techniques of the old masters. His painting style reflects this both in his portraits and other figure work. He also works in what might be called a completely different style of what he calls his "swirly" paintings. These are abstracts done in oils with an undulating movement to the lines that allow the viewer to create his or her own interpretation.
Degree in Advertising, Art and Design.
Single Exhibitions:
Shremshock Gallery, Columbus Ohio
Alex Minturn Gallery, Mount Vernon, Ohio
Columbus Alive, Columbus Ohio
Kussmaul Gallery, Granville, Ohio
Dodge Pratt Art Institute, Boonville, New York
Group Exhibitions:
Soho Gallery, Worthington, Ohio
Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville, Ohio
Munson Williams Art Institute, Utica, New York
Fynmore Gallery, Boonville, New York
Adirondack Artists Exhibit, Old Forge, New York
Riverbank Gallery Alexandria Bay, New York
North Country Artists Guild, Watertown, New York
Artist's Statement:
John Earl has been a professional painter most of his life. He is a portrait and figure painter as well as doing abstracts in a style he has developed over the past several years.
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