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Joy Of Love
Labour of Love
Labour of Lust
Red On Edge
Wuthering Heights
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Joe McGowan Paintings
Joe McGowan is a self-taught artist. She draws on her active imagination for inspiration and often likens her own creative experience to that of a child finding images in moving clouds. She hopes that her paintings will create an emotive and physical response from the viewer - that they may experience a strong desire to run their fingers down the actual surface of the painting. Joe has exhibited extensively and has works in private collections throughout Britain, America and Dubai.Since giving birth in 2005 Joe has incorporated the Acrylic medium into her portfolio...during her pregnancy she was unable to use oil paints due to the toxins, and since developed a love for Acrylic. The birth of her daughter has changed the way she works quite dramatically. At first baby Faith would sit in her pram and sleep for hours, then a play pen was erected and she would happily play with her building blocks or stacking cups while her mum carried on a childminder is necessary as her little fingers are wandering over the canvas!
Being self taught has given me no restraints and has allowed my creativity to flow without influence.
Single Exhibitions:
LBA Gallery,Surrey
Waterloo Gallery - London SE1
SOS - Surrey
Windsor Street Gallery
Group Exhibitions:
Tempus Stet - Dubai
Urban Interiors, Islington, London, N1
Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London, W1
Bramptons Gallery, London, E4
Inspired Art Fair - London E1
Gallery 47 - London WC1
LBA Gallery
Artist's Statement:
Painting for me is a spiritual release - a release of energy which manifests itself via the pallet knife into the texture. My hope is that people who see my paintings would feel a desire to run their fingers down the canvas and continue to unravel images separate to those I perceived when creating the painting. My love is of abstract art as I feel restricted by representational as I find it too literal, I like individuals to find their own images in each piece. I found my knife style simply by fluke, trying to salvage a mistake, and I have continued to develop this style and work with knives and, very occasionally, brushes. My real joy is found in primary colours as, for me, they create a vibrant feel and I find them most uplifting. I strive to ensure that I have the aggressiveness of dark versus the peacefulness of light and colour in each image. I believe my pictures have a life of their own, each painting can be something different for each viewer.
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