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Bamboo in the Irish Channel
Banana Leaves on Constance
Banana Leaves on Laurel
Flying Color
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Joan Cox Paintings
My work is a continuous exploration of the power of color. I utilize the pure interaction of colors to create energy, emotion, and powerful imagery. I want a viewer to recognize and experience the surface of the paint as well as the image on the canvas.I grew up in Baltimore, painting within the strong artist community there. I left Baltimore in 2005 to begin my own gallery and studio in New Orleans. Despite the hurricane, I had a very succesfful 2 years of painting and showing my work. In 2007 I moved to Alexandria, VA just outside of DC.I paint with expressionistic splashes of color and add intimate linear details by scratching the layers of paint. I am drawn to both the simplicity and complexity of nature, particularly in flowers, leaves, fruit and figures.I spent several years exploring the visual impact of fruit — pears, pomegranates, plums—as personal symbols of passion and life. These were very large, colorful and dynamic paintings whose compositions hinted at the presence of the relationships between the pieces of fruit. These relationships are just as important as those between figures in figurative paintings.
Bachelor Fine Arts with HonorsTowson State UniversityTowson, MD
Selected Commissions/collections:
I have recently completed more than 6 commission paintings for residents of New Orleans. . .each painting featuring their home and other garden aspects. . .some are painted as night views.
Single Exhibitions:
Burgeoning Blooms, MOXY Studios, October 2006
Artist's Statement:
These recent pieces for my MOXY Studios exhibit are about a foot wide and about 5 feet tall, taking shape in dyptichs and tryptichs that all feature a typical New Orleans iron fence on the lower part of the canvas. These bits of fence will tie all of these pieces together to create a garden feeling in the gallery.All of the paintings highlight the blooming flowers and plant life of New Orleans and some also give glimpses of the beautiful architecture of Uptown NOLA.I am inspired by the intense tropical growth that defines the inescapable beauty of New Orleans. At this time of rebuilding and rebirth, I have chosen to focus on the blooming nature that surrounds me. These new pieces bring you so close that you can almost smell the flowers.
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