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Diptyque 2 : landscape
Pistils Diptic
Polichromatic Portrait
Portrait Diptyque
Quators in stairs
rose' s petals in diptic
Two Roses
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Jean-luc Bohin Paintings
Shakyamuni tourna a flower between its fingers. Alone silent Mahakashyapa smiles. The Master nevertheless had criticized the one that it désigna as his successor, because of its ascetic tendencies. Mahakashyapa practiced sometimes the za-zen in front of corpses. For, we taught Montaigne, "to philosophize, this is to learn to die". My work on the body designates this stretched entropie between sky and earth. Since 1999, I deepen my research on this theme, forrmat 10 x's 15 cm to the 100 x's 150CM. It is a matter of a non numerical work.
Self Taught.
Trophées de la culture, Paris, 1999.
Black & White Spider Awards in Photography 2006.
Single Exhibitions:
Thalès University, Jouy-en-Josas, 09 02 2007
Mac 21, International Art Fair, Marbella 2003, Espagne.
Zurich International Art Fair 2003, Suisse.
Artist's Statement:
Transcend is "metaphysical". The immanence would be she "pataphysique"? The Body as meditation place - our Cosmic Basis beyond all category instituable - becomes physical experimental where relativity and perspectivisme throw themselves playful winks. The Model Iconique - discharged of his statute of antique archetypal idôle of the more "Top" - pretext to the presented colors and form in l'Espace.. We wish you good trip. ..!
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