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Bear and Apple
Near Yamayoshi, Sugito
Pink and Blue
Reflections, bowl
Rice Field
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Jason Amster Paintings
My objective in painting is to explore the drama present in the scenes around us. I am a representational painter focused on creating images that reveal the innate magnificence of light illuminating surface. I would like the viewer to feel the presence of light bathing the subjects I have painted. After someone has seen my painting, I want them to sense that they have appreciated anew the visual beauty of our world.
Graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio, U.S.A., 1998. Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting.Graduated from Truman State University, Missouri, U.S.A., 2003. Received a Master of Arts in Education degree in Visual Art. Engaged in art production from 1998-2000 in Japan, culminating in a successful exhibition in Tokyo.
Student Exhibition, Juried. Truman State University, 2002. Presented ‘Jurors Recognition’ award
Selected Commissions/collections:
Family portrait--children and dog. 2004.
Single Exhibitions:
Made in Japan. One-man show, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, 2000
Group Exhibitions:
Dezart One Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. "Faces, Places, and Things" Group show, 2005

Dezart One Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. Group show, 2004

Fairmount Fine Arts Center, Russell, OH, Juried. 2003
Artist's Statement:
My paintings grow out of a perception of the striking beauty I sense in a scene or subject. I am moved not only by a subject’s appearance—color, shape, line, and form — but also by how these elements cooperate abstractly. An object’s appearance relies on light; although this interaction is often taken for granted due to the immediacy of the object itself. Reflection, refraction, intensity, and direction of light create innumerable combinations of abstract visual data that are organized into coherent images. As an artist it is essential to interpret this experience of light and create a visual expression of that experience. Two apples on a tablecloth are more than only that. Painting this arrangement is a chance to explore delicate color relationships, foreground/background-push/pull, the two masses in balance, or positive space and negative space interacting. Within even a simple scene there is an intimacy between the formal relationships and what they represent.
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