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Lost Child
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Our Time
Who will come?
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Janusz Zadurowicz Paintings
My artistic sensitivity was largely stimulated by my grandmother, Halina Kononowicz, an artist who completed her education in Vilnius, Lithuania before the Second World War. I started painting intensively from 1984 under the inspiration of my grandmother and my artist friends. I painted in oils and pastels but step by step I established my own techniques using spacles, oil mediums and sand.
Educated in fine art and graphic design under auspices, among others, by Linda McCune and John Antonio I am an artist and designer working both in Europe, and in the United States.
Artist's Statement:
From 1985 to 2005 I took part in 19 individual exhibitions and 40 group exhibitions including 25 judged exhibitions in which I have received 13 awards. One aspect of art is communication between people, not like a newspaper, but more like poetry, an interpretation of fact. It belongs to the soul and expands it. Good painting creates new thoughts. It creates space in the seer. That space is how I try to achieve perspective in my work. I do not paint perspective. Perspective doesn't exist on a two dimensional plane; it is created in the mind of the seer. And that can't be created too quickly. Perspective comes with time. Without time, there is no space. I see everything in painting. I see time. I create the new by placing layer upon layer. Colors create layers. They grow like a garden. You must give them time. You must be patient with colors. Colors like to exist together. They dare me to put them side by side. Colors are the spices in art. One can get something at a fast food restaurant without spices and think it's good. But then one can get the same meat at a Jewish or French restaurant. There the cook has seasoned the meat with spices. It is wonderful; it is art! When someone looks at my painting for the first time, he might think, "How strange." If he goes back for a second look, he may see shapes, contrast of color. And again, he might see someone or something behind this art - not me, but all the people and places I have connected with. He might see something that doesn't exist any more. That's perspective. If the seer goes beyond himself then I have achieved my goal. Achieving that goal takes time. There is no need to finish the thought or deed. I can always go back to my painting.
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