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Blue Glass Bottles
Coffee and Peaches
Glen Coe 2
Hurrying Home
Jug & Pear
Northern Lakes
Quèrieres en Hiver
Still Life with Poppies & Strawberries
To the Forest in Winter
Vieille Brioude
Tea & Daisies
Long Hot Summer
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Jane Evans Paintings
Jane Evans studied Chinese Brush Painting at the Chinese Artists' Guild in Manila. After returning to Cambridge she continued to develop her painting, exploring the versatility of Chinese techniques and materials - using them in adventurous ways and, occasionally, combining them with other media. Jane has exhibited widely in one-woman and group shows and runs classes and workshops in Britain and abroad. Her books and articles have played a major role in popularising Chinese painting techniques in Europe and the USA.
A Cambridge graduate, Jane Evans learned Brush Painting at the Chinese Artists’ Guild in Manila, studying with Professor Chen Bingsun and with Lingnan artists, Hau Chiok and Sy Chiu Hua. She returned to the UK in 1978 and continued to develop her painting, concentrating on freestyle techniques.
Art Direction Magazine in the USA.
Rosentiel Prize.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Many private commissions.
Single Exhibitions:
Exhibitions include:
1997 - 2005 Cambridge Open Studios
2005 Headstreet Gallery, Halstead (2 artist show)
2003 'Occidental Orientations' Nine Clarendon Cross, Holland Park, London (with Bonnie Kemske)
2001 Julia Heffer Gallery, Cambridge
2000 Kwan Originals, Eton
1998 Workshop Design, Cambridge
1993 Theatre Royal, Norwich
1992 Endells, London WC2
1992 Smiths (Casbah). London WC2
1991 Quay Gallery, Sudbury
1987 Addison Ross Gallery, London SW1
1982 Tudor Barn Gallery, London SE9
1981 Deben Gallery, Woodbridge
Group Exhibitions:
Group shows include:
2004 Art Contact & South Cambs Council
2004 Orange Street Gallery, Uppingham
1999 - 2004 Primavera, Cambridge
2001/2003 Collyer Bristow Gallery, London WC1
1998/2001 The Julia Heffer Gallery, Cambridge
2000 Inspires, Oxford
1996 The Conservatory Gallery, Cambridge
1994 Cork Street Gallery, London W1
1987 Harrods, London SW1
1980 Castle Hill Gallery, Cambridge
1977 Chinese Artsist' Guild, Manila
Artist's Statement:
Jane Evans exploits the versatility of Chinese techniques and materials by using them in adventurous ways, occasionally incorporating mono-printing techniques. Her work draws on Eastern and Western ideas about light, space and perspective and represents a fusion of the two aesthetic traditions.In addition to exhibiting her work, Jane undertakes commissions and gives courses, lectures, workshops and demonstrations in Britain and abroad. In 1996 she presented, by invitation, a paper on Chinese painting at Princeton at a symposium celebrating the University’s 250th anniversary. Jane has published four influential books about Chinese painting techniques. Her first book, published in 1987, defined a new market: Western painters interested in the Oriental approach to art. She has written articles and art reviews for British and foreign art journals. She has appeared on radio and TV and as BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s art critic. With Qu Lei Lei she is Honorary Co-President of the Chinese Brush Painters Society.
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