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extent of bending
of the loins, when bent
primitive sequence
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James Savon Edwards Paintings
A television mindA third eyeSoul controlSoul Soul left hand Soul (right hand optional)Soul feelingssoul (both sensitive & NON) POLISHA loving desire to AbstacTAbility to create beauty thru destructingstaying within, without,and beyond the lineHeartEYES > ALL IN ONEfingersfaraway thoughtsdistanceTIME MEMORY(and loss of)source books[{television}] 0001864017#
A self taught artist
Artist's Statement:
As an artist I am a warrior,a messenger,a whale rider,reporter/visionary/entertainer/social recorder [P.L.O.W.]writer/poet/tagger/burner/camera/thirdeye/blackeye/medium/visual enhancement engineer/high priest-priestess/eyeopener/soulsearcher/pioneer--"thank you for letting me be myself"sly
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