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Jaime Adan Paintings
Jaime Adan was born in Spain in 1976,curiously in the town of Figueras,Cataluña,where the famous Salvador Dalí also saw the light of the day.He grew up in the community of Madrid though,not far away,yet away,from the capital town.At age 10,moved to Brussels,Belgium,with the rest of the family where they lived 5 years.Sometime in those years,Jaime began drawing ever more continously,never to stop again to this day.Not long after,being so young,Jaime decided to take on to the road with no economical resources,aiming to learn healthily from direct contact and exposure to life, and so began a journey of some 12 years travel around certain parts of the world,especially Latin America,where he currently lives in Mexico,with his colombian partner (photographer),raising their baby in a quiet town where they can concentrate and work very happily!
Institutional education was never too friendly towards Jaime Adan and so was never an art student in the traditional way.He is a self-taught artist that is very dedicated and comitted both to drawing and oil painting mainly,although during his travels,he has happily accomplished numerous murals(both public and private),interior design decorations for a number of businesses and numerous diverse comissions of all sorts always satisfactorily accomplished!Yet the education follows on of course every day!!
No competition,no awards.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Commissions are always happily looked into by Jaime Adan
Single Exhibitions:
Jaime Adan has featured 2 solo exhibits in his homeland Spain with great succes in both:

Casa de la Cultura,Majadahonda,Madrid,España"

Galeria:El Molino,Cómpeta,Málaga,España"
Artist's Statement:
After analizing thoroughly the work i have undertaken this years of travelling,i understand better the picture unfolding before me.I now understand better that i have spent many years drawing very freely,without main aims or ideas,yet very attentive to the human figure and its landscape through the different areas of the world where i have felt the beating local pulse.Learning to draw,for 15 years and running,constantly gazing,conversating with the marginalised sectors of society that count with little voice, in the fast way of life imposed on most western oriented societies.A deeper look,a prolongued contact with the one we insist on calling "the other".Resulting in a process of deeper learnings,always open for discussion.I have enjoyed living humbly,and my drawings grew on to depict different human activities tgat i feek strongly about.After being aquainted with acrylics for some time,i finally took up on oils,and since then i only grow ever more passionate about them(oil on canvas that is),therefore needing to deepen on such study is where i am today,being 32 years of age,and most happy about always enjoying the road,and whereever it may take us.What you see then is a direct result from that,from my deep joy and gratitude for what i find every day around me in life. I salute you dearly, reader... Jaime Adan
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