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Aphrodites Secrets
Chastity Belt
My Shatou
the cart
fish lover
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Jacob Berenstein Sculpture
Born in Ukraina from 1950 live and working in Israel.
1959 -1962 studied graphic design at Balfur Institute, Tel Aviv and worked as a graphic disigner. From 1976 J.Berenstein started to exhibit his works in many different galleries in Israel and from 1998 began to exhibit his works in USA, Italia, France ,Cyprus, Monte Carlo and Swiss
1987 First prize "Don Kichote" sculpture. T.A. Israel.
2000 Award of the Nationwide title of "Aacademically Associate of Verbano, Italia. From 2002 A Member of the "Federazione Italiana Arti Figurative Thuros" Terni, Italia. 2002 Designing the Gratitude Shield to Mr. d. Gillerman- Israeli Ambasador to the U.N. 2004. Winner of the "Artist of The Year" trophy,Pesaro, Italia. 2004 Winner of the "Oscar Dell'Arte" trophy, Monte Carlo, Monaco. 2005 Honorable award for the sculpture "Lady Chicken"Internationale Competition,Sicilia, Italia
2005th. Prize Winner "sprigiona la Fantasia"contest Accademia Internazionale SAntarita, Torino, Italia. 2006 Laureat XIconcours d'Art Contempororain "La Meurtriere par ou passe la lumiera" Paris, France.
Single Exhibitions:
1991-1998, Spring Exhibition, To Play with the Matter, Spring 95, a Variant Sculpture, Sound and Color. 2000-"Comteporary Sculptor from Israel"-Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, USA.
2002-"An Optimistic Dialog" Orpheus Gallery, Cyprus. 2003-"Sensation" Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Jerusalem. 2004- "My Saga of Bronze"M.N. Performing Art Center Rishon LeZion.
2004-"Sketch & Sculpture" Artist Residence, Herzlia. And more...
Group Exhibitions:
1987-Z.O.of America, T.A. Israel.
998-"World Jewesh EXpo"-J.K.Javits Convention Center, N.Y.
1999-"Art Expo" K.K.Javits Convenyion Center,N.Y.
2000-"Art Expo 2000",Florida, Miami.
2002-"3th.Bianale of Umbria" F.I.F.T., Terni It.
2002- "14-eme Aigle de Nice International" Nice,France.
2003-"Kalokaipi" Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.
2004-"premio Internazionale d'arte", Gargano, It.
"Five" Orpheus Gallery, Limassol ,Cyprus.
2005-"Art in Small Format" Centre Culturel C.Peugeeot, Paris, FR.
2005-"Sprigiona la Fantasia" Torino , IT.
2006-XI Concours d'Art Contemporain" Centre Culturel C.Peugeot, Paris, FR.
2006-Europ Art, Palexpo, Geneve, Swiss.
More and more...
Artist's Statement:
I'm employing the sculpture techniques that required casting metal, wax, plaster e.t.a. For these works I use varios metals such as: Brass, Cooper, Aluminum, Iron and srap.Several of these works are exhibiting in public place and parks.
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