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Harbour wall
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Irene Renshaw Paintings
Irene was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but has spent most of her working life abroad or in England, where she now lives.
B.A. (Hons.) Fine Art, Coventry University, England
Nominated in Unilever PLC Fresh Graduate 2001 Award at Freshart.
Group Exhibitions:
Proto-mu Exhibition, Custard Factory, Birmingham
Woodbridge Art Gallery, Mosley, Birmingham
Freshart Exhibition, Islington Design Centre, Islington, London
Fresh@galleryfine2, Soho, London
Royal Birmingham Society of Art (RBSA), St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham
Artist's Statement:
Irene Renshaw (née Pearson) was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where she grew up in a working class milieu. Although she has spent most of her adult life in England or abroad, this background, with its distinctive values and culture, has been a major formative influence on her art.Cities and city dwellers are constantly evolving in a continuous cycle of birth and decay. It is this tension between past and present that the artist tries to capture in her work, which seeks to acknowledge the past and to re-affirm its values while simultaneously reaching out and embracing change. At the Proto-mu exhibition at the Custard Factory in 2001, Irene said that her objective ‘was to paint a wall and endow it with humanity’ and this more or less sums up what she is attempting to do in her work.While experiencing a sense of loss in her exile from Glasgow, she is also conscious that it is the actual absence itself which drives the passion.The artist would welcome comments on her work.
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