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Ilgvars Zalans Paintings
Artist ILGVARS ZALANS is Latvian and born on 24th September 1962.
1988-1992 Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of pedagogy 1984-1987 Riga Applied Art College. Department of decorative painting. since 2001 Member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia
2006 Artist in Residency Rodriguez-Amat Foundation,/RESARTIS/SPAIN Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation
Artist in Residency Global Arts Village, New Delhi, INDIA
2004 Artist in Residency, Fundacion Valparaiso SPAIN
Travel Grant, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation
2003 Creative stipend, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation
Artist in Residency, Hooje-Taastrup, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Selected Commissions/collections:
2005 "Mouse",Utsav Foundation, New Delhi,INDIA
2004 "City and industry", Open Atelier De Vrijplaats, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS,
2001 "4painters”,Pskov,Kremlin,RUSSIA
Single Exhibitions:
2006 "Life above water", gallery Laiptai, Siauliai,LITHUANI
2005 INDIA ... MOROCCO,gallery "LAIPA", Valmiera,LATVIA
2004 Welcome to V.!”,Locanda Antica, Vellano, PS, ITALY
Reconstruction”, Centrum hotel, Viljandi,ESTONIA
2003 "ANIMA", gallery Art garden,Riga LATVIA
Landscape”, Town hall ,Hoje-Taastrup,DENMARK
Artist's Statement:
My Art as Bridges - they guide nowhere.They just let me be. To be in the transition condition. Cause I am the transition.
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