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Mykonos Harbour Church
White Stairs, Mykonos
Lago Petén
Noontime reflections
Le Chat Botté
Cafe Pauly 2006
Poles & St Giorgio
Vine Terrace, Domme
Bougainvillea Arch
Lunch by the Sea
Marrakech Courtyard
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Ilana Richardson Paintings
Ilana Richardson is an internationally-renowned artist, based in London. Her inspiration comes from her love of travel, choosing countries that let her passion for light and colour be expressed to the full. She is at her best, depicting the interplay of light and shadows and favours subjects which contrast lush vegetation with the whitewashed walls of Mediterranean architecture or the vibrant colours of Mexican houses. Ilana’s extraordinary ability to re-create the warmth and colour of the places she travels to makes her work irresistible to collectors. Onlookers can feel the heat and are drawn into the light and warmth. Ilana has painted in Greece, Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Croatia and Israel. She enjoys an international reputation, with exhibitions in England, France, Germany, the USA, Canada and Japan. Her paintings and prints attract a huge following all over the world..
1964-7 Bezalel Academy of arts
1967-8 Hornsey College of Art
1981-3 Putney School of Art
Selected Commissions/collections:
1989 Tuscan Vineyards Company
1990-99 McDonalds
2006 Taylor’s port
Many private commissions
Single Exhibitions:
2007 Royall Fine Art, Brighton festival
2006: Royall Fine Art; Brighton festival
2005: Henmans, Oxford; Brighton Festival
2004: CCA Galleries, Farnham; Brighton Festival; Royall Fine Art, 2003: CCA Galleries, London; Brighton Festival
2002: CCA Gallery, Farnham; StFX Gallery, Nova Scotia; Webbs Gallery, London
2001: New York Art Fair; Royall Fine Art
2000: Window Gallery; Royall Fine Art, Tunbridge Wells; Unicorn Gallery
1999: CCA Galleries, London
1998: Tidal Wave; Parkviewgallery; CCA Galleries, Farnham
1997: Richmond Hill Gallery; Alexandra Gallery; CCA Galleries, London
1996: CCA Galleries, London; Europaische Kulturzentrum, Erfurt, Germany;
Tidal Wave Gallery, Hereford; CCA Galleries, Farnham
1995: CCA Galleries, Oxford and Bath; Catto Gallery, London
1994: CCA Galleries, London, Selfridges, Farnham and Cambridge
1993: CCA Galleries, London and Bath; Montpelier Gallery, Cheltenham
Window Gallery, Brighton
1992: CCA Galleries, Oxford; Luxters Fine Art, Henley-on-Thames
Gallery 9, Celle, Germany; Amalgam Gallery, London
1991: Berkeley Square Gallery, London
1990: Courtyard Gallery, Cheltenham; Amalgam Gallery, London
Group Exhibitions:
Royal Academy summer shows, over many years.
Artist's Statement:
Light, shadow and heat are my great passions and it is these, which draw the viewer into my paintings. Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from the Mediterranean, particularly Italy, Greece and France and from Central America.
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