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Untitled #1, Shadows series
Untitled #8, Shadows series
Untitled #3, Shadows series
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Ian Revell Photography
I am a photographer who works in both colour and black and white, using traditional shooting and printing methods. My work is an exploration of the forms and textures found in the natural world.
Certificate in Arts Administration and Cultural Management, Humber College, 2002Bachelor of Music, Composition Major, Queen's University, 1998
Project Funding for Overseas Artists, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 2005
Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council through KAAI, March 2000
"Best Photography" award at the Kensington Outdoor Art Review, Toronto, Canada 1998
"Special Adjudicator's Award", for incidental music for "The Stillborn Lover", EODF, 1999

Single Exhibitions:
Liminal: Contemporary Photography (with Elizabeth Fearon), curated by Seo Young Lee, Gallery LUX, Seoul, Korea 2005
Photographs at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, Canada 2003
reveal at sis boom bah gallery, Toronto, Canada 2003
DISCO INFERNO: CONTACT 2002 at Bernate's, Toronto, Canada 2002
Expanding Boundaries: New Photography (with Adam Lodzinski), Windmills, Kingston, Canada 2000
sunrise, Elevator Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2000
further, State of Flux Workspace in the Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Canada 1998
ICED WORLD, The Town Crier, Kingston, Canada 1998
Group Exhibitions:
Square Foot. Project Spaceman, Brooklyn, NYC 2005
Gongju International Art Festival, Limlip Museum, Gongju, Korea 2004
AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2004 - "Square Foot"
Elevator Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2002
Elevator Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2000 - "Perception at a Glance"
Junction Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada 1999

Artist's Statement:
I make my work by building on and abstracting from source material derived from nature. This process has taken many different forms, from manual cut and paste re-assembling of natural shapes in the mandala series to darkroom layering with the cloud series. My most recent series, which has been produced entirely in Seoul, South Korea, is a straight-shot capturing of fleeting, organic shadows. These works suggest the ephemeral quality of shadow while at the same time referencing the very fleeting existence of the flowers, trees and plants the shadows are cast by.My new series is both a continuation of my process and a natural response to the challenges and possibilities inherent in producing work in Korea. The use of black and white photography has an esthetic relationship to traditional Asian ink painting. The high contrast of the subject matter, black shadows on white paper, results in an image which more closely resembles ink on paper than a conventional photograph.
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