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Memorry of the Place (1)
My place (1)
Memorry of the Place (2)
My place (2)
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Hussain Obeid Paintings
Hussain Obeid was born in Muscat in 1968 . He is a member of the Cultural Club, the Omani Fine Arts Society (O.S.F.A.) & the International Association of Fine Arts (UNESCO). Obeid published many articles about fine arts in the Omani local newspapers and designed many book covers.
Obeid was awarded several awards and Medals in different annual exhibitions in Oman, Tunisia, Kuwait and UAE.
Single Exhibitions:
several personal exhibitions in Oman, Egypt & Lebanon
Group Exhibitions:
Obeid participated in numerous group exhibitions in Oman, UAE, Cairo, Tunisia, Kuwait, Spain, Italy, Paris, Holland, Germany, China, Turkey & others.
Artist's Statement:
"Obeid sees what we all see, yet his drawings are hidden behind a wall that prevents us from peeping into the secret garden. The genius behind these paintings lies in the ability to allow us to cross a bridge to a place we have always thought to be on earth. Yet this bridge leads to Oman, which in itself a stairway to heaven." Farouq Yousef
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