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Dr. Anne Marie Schimmel
Girls of Kalash, Pakistan
Hazara woman and her child
Hazara woman and her child EDetermined despite
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Pond of Kenwood House
Spring blossoms in Skardu
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Humayun Talat Paintings
I was born in India in 1944. I migrated into Pakistan with my family when Pakistan became independent by the partition from India. I came to England to study Law when I was 18 year's old. After studying and working in England for 9 years, I went back to Pakistan. Later, I learnt painting by myself and began to work as a professional painter in 1977 in Pakistan. I have painted more than 700 paintings. I came to England again in July 2003 to paint landscapes of England for a few years. Currently I live in Oxford.Main works:1. Portraits painted in Pakistan(1)Portraits of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (the Father of the Nation) hanging in the National Assembly Hall, the Senate Hall, the presidential office, Naval Head Quarters, Military Headquarters etc. in Pakistan (2)All the former heads of the state such as Presidents and some Prime Ministers.The latest one is a portrait of present President Pervez Musharraf (2003, 26 x 20 inches).(3)Guests of the state such as the Prime Minister of China(4)Ambassadors to Pakistan(5)Commissioned officers(6)Presidents and Directors of companies(7)Scholars such as Dr. Anne Marie Schimmel, a German philosopher (2000, 20 x 15 inches) (8)Sultan Jabbar, Amir of Kuwait2. Portraits painted in the UK (1)Michale Nazir, the Biship of Rochester (2006, 42 x 30 inches)(2)Ehsan Mani, President of the International Cricket Council 2003-2006 (2006, 26 x 20 inches)(3)Conference of International Cricket Council, Museum Lords, London (2005, 42 x 28 inches) Directors and Officials of the ICC.(4)Clyde Walcot, Cricket player as well as former President of the International Cricket Council (2004, 26 x 20 inches)(5)Jagmohan Dalmia, Former President of the International Cricket Council (2004, 26 x 20 inches)(6)Malcolm Gray, Former President of the International Cricket Council (2003, 26 x 20 inches)(7)Emma Links, Former President of student committee, Green College, University of Oxford (2006, 20 x 16 inches)3. Landscapes painted in Pakistan(1)Mountains in the Northern Areas of Pakistan(2)Glaciers in the Northern Areas of Pakistan(3)Forests(4)Lakes(5)Oceans and sea battles4. Landscapes painted in the UK(1)Pond of Kenwood House, Hampstead, London (2005, 42 x 30 inches) (2)Green College, Oxford (2006, 26 x 20 inches)(3)Knightbridge, London (2006, 26 x 20 inches)(4)Piccadilly circus, London (2006, 26 x 20 inches)
I had basic education in Pakistan (at Lawrence College in Murree from 1952 to 1961).I am a self-taught painter and have never learnt painting at an art school, college or university. Painting portraits in Pakistan for the last thirty years made me feel confined to working within my own area and I desperately needed to express myself to other countries and cultures. I decided to work in England by executing works entirely within the shores of Great Britain. My success as a portrait painter in Pakistan kept me very occupied in producing portraits that were required by individuals, organisations and the establishment. There were enough commissions to keep me busy and thus never having to feel the need for exhibitions and larger public exposure. Since 1978, I have been working full time as a professional portrait painter.
I have received a number of awards, but all of them are minor awards.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Work procedure:

1. I work both from sittings and from photos. The procedure should be discussed for each commission.

2. If clients provide photos, I recommend that the size of the main photo should be at least 6 x 4 inches, with a few other photos, which can be smaller or larger.

3. I can also meet clients to take photos if they wish.

4. If clients want to see the painting before being delivered, we can arrange a meeting. I recommend that the client will give sittings for a couple of hours for the final touching if possible.

5. Painting will be sent to the client or be picked up by the client. We will discuss it for each commission.


I usually encourage my clients to frame the painting themselves because a frame has to be chosen carefully giving consideration to the atmosphere of the place where it will be displayed. However, I can carry out framing if my clients request. I can also offer advice on framing.


I am able to travel anywhere both inside and outside the UK if necessary. The expense is not included in the price.
Artist's Statement:
I try to paint in a most precise way to satisfy my clients and to project the inner as well as the outer being of the subject. I enjoy painting from black and white photographs as this gives me the aesthetic to create each painting in my own concept of colour and background. Exactness is projected. Purpose being to excite the viewers' interest towards truth and reality within my work. I try to project the realities of life in realistic form. This gives my work truth and believability.
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