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Bataille de coeur
Jesus dit
le repas
l'age de bronze
le trompetiste
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Henri Hellmuth Paintings
During my youth, I showed artistic qualities for drawing and painting, a singular capacity to express a new vision of the things. I would look further into my knowledge with a painter, friend of my father, and would develop by copying the large impressionist Masters.
I always had an extreme desire to learn, to employ all my life to cultivate my reason and to advance me as much as I could in pictorial knowledge, according to the method that I had been prescribed.
In 1999 I carry out my dream to return in the professional world, and this same year I am struck of a great misfortune, it is the world which collapses around me again, I revive these dreadful nightmares of my adolescence. This day my painting changes.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Art métallescent is the starting point of a futuristic art, rejecting the absolute value of the subject to consider only the relative value of the pigments that I use from iron and aluminium, this penetration of the pigments in metals seems to make come the light from the interior.
Single Exhibitions:
I thus applied these metal means and this discovery by interpreting them with my manner, I was interested more and more in measurement or it confirmed my own empirical discoveries. I thus supported this scientific theory by new research.
Group Exhibitions:
Référencé au Dictionnaire DROUOT
Référence au Guide COTE ART
deuxiéme price jellyfish of gold in Rome 2006
deuxiéme Aznard price in Granade Spain 2006
Artist's Statement:
Prix d’Art au musée de HYOGO – JAPON (en juin).Exposition à l’hôtel GRILLON à PARIS
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