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Accion y resistencia
Amo el mundo
Bajo la lluvia
Bonita y sensual
El Ángel encarnado
El antagonismo vencido
El atardecer
El despertar al Amor
El Lugar de las Cantatas
El nuevo día
El origen
El renunciamiento para Ser
El soplo divino
El vientre fecundado, la rosa
En el Sena
En paz
Fraguandose para Ser
La Alborada
La Danza
La danza sagrada
La Diosa del Amor
La Musa
La naturaleza
La puerta a la vida
La pureza
La revelación
La Sensualidad
La Sinceridad
La vida entera
La voluntad como tercera fuerza
Las apariencias solo son eso
Las comadres
Las Diosas de la sensualidad
Los cuatro elementos
Luz y sombra
Mujer bella y sensual
Nazco a una vida nueva
Saliendo de las sombras
Sencilla y hermosa como la flor
Señora del dia y la noche
Sensual siempre
Tierra y Cielo
Venci el egoismo
Verde verano
Vestida de besos
Vigilad, no durmáis
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Hector Olvera Paintings
Master Héctor Olvera's art is beyond the rules, far from estabished paramaters and the conventional, because it is in itself the expression of his Being. Without any intention of excel painting, writing or music achievements, or to be popular on one of this areas, whe see him how he is searching the expression of his feeling, of his Being and how he delivers himself faithfully to this believing. Just like he says in one of his songs: “Canto lo que mi Alma vive, no lo que mis ojos ven ... (I sing what my Soul lives, ot what my eyes see)”; In the same way, to admire his works we need something else than the five senses to reveal or at least perceive the meaning of what he has to say in every one of his artworks.
Studies in CPA and MBA at the university level. In 1982 I decided to dedicate my whole life to the knowledge I had achieved through my own experimentation and inner living, it was something so big I understood my duty was to share it with the rest of the world. Actually, I understood it was a patrimony to human kind. I have done that since 1971, and full time since 1982. From there, I wrote and published eight books and founded the Eneagrama School that looks for a harmonious development of human being. By the year 2000 I decided to stop doing this in a conventional way and so I cancelled my Friday night group of years and wrote music, songs that talked about Ideas of this knowledge; we play this music live every Friday and Saturday in a restaurant I own. But I still am here for anybody in the looks for guidance to have a better quality of live and find life’s purpose. Through my songs, I sing what is in my soul, and my paintings are a reflection of my feelings and emotions, to express them, I chose the most beautiful thing in the world… the naked women. As beautiful as what is inside of me.I have taught seminars about this Knowledge in many countries including France and Spain, once a year I go there. In Paris, they have been very interested in my paintings and have sold well, here in my restaurant/gallery too, but people take them because of the vibe they perceive from me more than anything else…many people love them but they don’t have enough money to get them. This is a general idea about who I am,Fondly, Hector Olvera
Artist's Statement:
My thinking is my feeling by Héctor Olvera Pondering on this uninterrupted talk with myself, that has been present in me since my first awakenings, the same it is a self-remembering factor of never sleep inherited and is the link of the equilibrium between my external world around and my internal ruling world . Today, on the autum of my existance it is as alive as it was at the beginning of this adventure of living. In this way, this monologue starts in all time indifferently from mi inner I or from mi visible and reasonable I external to me and is that divine spark that never dies, my I Am, who prevents me to be charged to one side or another. Here and with this emerges with all its force and unbreakable will my self talk and my I Am sees without seeing what is hidden to those who sleep; I see what freedom is about which we have all right to, this is, to escape from the prison where every prisoner does the same thing over and over. I transfer the scene to my beautiful paintings, is very clear to me the subtle line separating what it is from what it seems to be and it is no. What is freedom from libertinism. Art, from pornography. This is how my I Am with tears of blood, of that Sacred Hambledozin filling the sanguineous torrent of the external body to me, is who concludes what is conclusive and says in its undescriptible language for the world: "Libertinism is to do what we want to, believeing that being free is being self pleasant". "Freedom is to do what we must, whether it likes us or not, is to be free for acting and deciding without the intention to be nice for the others, in reality, without expecting anything, only acomplish our duty". With a strong and straight cut continues and says: "Art is a universal language emulating the Divine, is directed to touch the most internal parts of the Being and it unites us and makes us brotherhood". "Pornography on the other hand, far from emulating the highness it degrades humanity and is directed to the lower parts of the external man, it tries to use him, manipulate him and explode him." Here, for you, not for me, I stop my thinking, leaving this testimony of who I Am. With my open heart. Héctor Olvera
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