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April 01
Blue and orange drops
Blue Stride
Tweed Akimbo
Zoe’s Boing
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Hazel Harvey Paintings
At present my inspiration comes from exploration through process, colour is often used to reiterate a form or to distinguish a personality.
1998 – 2001 1st class BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Colchester School of Art & Design1996 – 1998 BTEC Diploma in Foundation Art & Design Colchester School of Art & Design
Single Exhibitions:
September 2005
The Dental Surgery - Tower Hill London
June 2005
Freeform - Benham Gallery Colchester
Feb 2005
Upstairs on the wall - Life Gallery Colchester
May 2003
New works in the corridor (solo) - Colchester School of Art & Design
Group Exhibitions:
December 05
Christmas show – Babylon Gallery Ely
Dec 2004
Impromptu show - Minories Gallery Colchester
Oct 2004
Contained and Distilled - Ink Pen Downie Gallery Colchester
Sept 2004
Open Studios Exhibition - Life Gallery Colchester
July 2004
Colchester Fine Art Open - Colchester School of Art & Design
June 2004
Cuckoo farm Summer Exhibition - Buckenham Galleries Southwold
Aug 2003
Colchester Art Society Exhibition - Buckenham Galleries Southwold
June 2002
Class of ’98 - Digby Gallery Colchester
July 2001
11 issues - Candid Gallery Islington
June 2001
11 issues - Colchester School of Art & Design
March 2000
98% Proof - Digby Gallery Colchester
July 1999
Collaborative piece Wetzlar Germany
June 1999
New works - Hay Gallery Colchester
Artist's Statement:
At present my inspiration comes from exploration through process. Conditions are created that allow paint to trace and map the contours that are beneath the canvas, leaving a record of its journey.Work in progress may be left outside for the elements to play their part. It is a process that makes you relinquish control. Paint is moved by gravity and form; it is played with by wind or spread by rain. Control may be reintroduced in the studio....
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