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Unicorn # 1
Unicorn # 2
Unicorn # 3
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Unicorn # 6
Unicorn # 6
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Havard Holland Paintings
Hawaiian surf, Old Jazz nightclubs, Operas in Japan, Beaches in the Maldives, Cuban Cigars, Rock and Roll London, Everywhere there rises creativity, capture and release your own true nature, cause its an artist challenge and task to invoke the viewer too enlighten him or her into the self, which indeed they have known all along. Also to create harmony, good energies and love causes art still too florish even though art these days have gone all wrong and are so intoxicated with "shit!", we have moved away from ex nihilo, the now the spirit nature that dwells in all of us.thank you and welcome to my art.
Master of Visual Art Griffith Universities , AustraliaBachelor of creative Arts, Contemporary Art and Digital Video. UCE, England and Wollongong Uni, AustraliaArt Institute Norway 3 years
Artist's Statement:
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