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Chemin vers la mer
Femme pudique
La violoniste
Oranges douces
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Hassan Soufy Paintings
Born in Tunisia. Participle with several exposures in the world of which: • The United States, Canada, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Spain... • - Silver Medal (Show International of Autumn of Montreal) • - Present at the auction sales public with the Drouot Hotel. - Dimensioned on dictionary "DROUOT QUOTATION" of the modern and contemporary artists. Acquisition of a work by the National Center of Art - Contemporary of Paris (C.N.A.C).- 1ier price of painting to the annual exposure of Cagnes on sea.- Tunisian decorator Head in productions with: - Spielberg (Indiana Jones).- George luckas (Stars wars).- Akhdar Hamina (Chronicles of the years of embers.- Peter Brook (Conference) of birds) Persépolis. - Rossellini (Jesus) and Monthy Python
Graduate of the BeauxArts of Tunis.- Studies at the Higher school of Decorative Arts of Paris
" F. CHARGUI " critique d'arts. La Presse le19/02/98.Les tableaux de l'artiste peintre SOUFY révèle l'amour et la vie. Ce peintre à toujours produit des peintures de qualité, un vrai bonheur. Les oeuvres de SOUFY suggèrent le paradis terrestre
Artist's Statement:
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