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Gunnel Watkins Sculptures
Born in Australia of Swedish and Estonian decent, Gunnel has lived and worked on three continents and experienced a flood of cultures and experiences.
Gunnel has completed a Certificate Fine Arts (Sculpture); studied with several exhibiting sculptors; the North New Jersey Art School and completed several workshops in Manhattan (incl. National Art School).
Group Exhibitions:
She currently exhibits with the Blue Mountains Artist Company; several Blue Mountains Galleries and the Sculptors Society.
Artist's Statement:
Sculpture is a form of meditation and creates a life of balance. A key driver is being inspired by the serenity, beauty and exploration of form. Her work has been called “classical yet quirky”. Other inspirations include making a difference through leading spiritual retreats and writing poetry. In 1994, she found the master teacher, Tom Bass at the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, the School teaches in the studio/school, using traditional modelling and carving methods, she acknowledges Tom Bass for being the instigator of her journey with Sculpture.
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