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Cigar Ashtray
Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl
Salt Dish
Shallow Bowl
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Grant Braithwaite Applied Art
Born in Middlesex, Grant studied Art and Design in Stevenage for 3 years before attending Middlesex University. After completing his four year degree in Jewellery , he went on to The University of Reading where he trained as an Art and Design Teacher. Since the third year of his Jewellery studies, Grant has worked with Alan Craxford, a fine jeweller and engraver, who has helped him to develop his skills in metals even further. In 1998, Grant set up business as a silversmith. The PGCE help to reawaken his ardent desire for the Arts and Crafts and he settled on making domestic ware in silver and other mixed media, where is skills could be easily transferred. Now working from Hertfordshire, he has been able to concentrate on making production as well as ‘one off’ work. He has shown his work nationally as well as in the United States.
1998 - PGCE Art and Design Secondary, University of Reading 1996 - BA (Hons) Jewellery, Middlesex University 1992 - National Diploma in Art & Design, Stevenage College (North Hertfordshire College) 1990 - First Diploma in Art & Design, Stevenage College (North Hertfordshire College)
2004 - Shortlisted for the British Jewellers Association Silver Award at Chelsea Cratfs Fair.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2004 - Shortlisted for the British Jewellers Association Silver Award at Chelsea Cratfs Fair.

I will take on new commissions.


Commission work is always welcome and a very personal process for the client and myself. I enjoy the new possibilities brought about through the client maker relationship, making an object that both fulfils the clients brief and my own creative sensibilities. This would off course require one to one discussion and therefore I always feel that it is important for the client and myself to meet. My work is very striking and individual to me. I feel that my clients choose to commission work from me because they can appreciate and relate to my own aesthetics in design and materials. Therefore they would expect to receive a piece that would sit as comfortably alongside my existing body of work as it would in their own homes. Most commissions take up to a period of a month, but this can depend on scale and the ambitious nature of the brief. We usually start by identifying what the client wants and the functions they expect it to meet. Then I would suggest materials and maybe make some rough sketches of initial ideas discussed. A deposit is taken at this stage for roughly half the cost. I then draw up and home ideas in the workshop and come up with a final outline drawing for a proposal. The client and I will then meet again and once the idea has been agreed on, work can commence. Presentation boxes are an added cost. My workshop is well sited in Hertfordshire. I feel that it is always better for me to go and meet my clients as this gives me the opportunity to get an idea of situ for the work and be able to design with this mind. Anywhere outside the mainland would have to be costed into the commission. Compromises can be made on further discussion.
Group Exhibitions:
October 2003-05 - Goldsmiths' Fair, Goldsmiths' Hall, London. October 2004 - Chelsea Crafts Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London. March 2004 - 'light of silver', The Silver Art Foundation. “Water Tower” Gallery, Schoonhoven. November 2003 - 'metalic christmas' a collection of ABDS tree decorations, Metal Gallery. December 2002 - A group show of 40 ABDS members, The Silver Show in Collins & Hastie Gallery, Chelsea, London. October 2001 - A group show of 40 ABDS members in the Truro Museum, Cornwall. British Silver: A Sterling Adventure. September 2001 A group show of 40 ABDS members, in the Keith Lipert Gallery, Washington DC, United States. British Silver: A Sterling Adventure.
Artist's Statement:
I work mainly with silver but chose to combine this handsome medium with other materials. These different materials are chosen for their texture and colour, and how these can be used to compliment the qualities of the silver, as well as aiding the objects function. The aim is always to stay true to these materials and their inherent beauty, but at the same time to create an object that is both tactile to hold and appealing to the eye.
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