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Poppies I
Boat Prow
Beached Boats
Venetian Reflections
Red Lifebelts
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Glynn Sheppard Photography
My working time is spent between two disciplines photography and woodwork. My woodwork consists of all items from large pieces of furniture to small carvings while my photography covers mainly landscape and abstract images.
1972 - BA (Hons) Technology. Taught Design to children and adults for a number of years. 1994 - Self employed as photographer.
Single Exhibitions:
July 2006 Town Hall, Southwold, Suffolk
Group Exhibitions:
December 2 - February 1 2007 Kesgrave Arts, Kesgrave, Suffolk

Nov 2006 Riverside Centre, Stratford St, Andrew, Suffolk - Exhibition of photography, painting and sculpture

Apr 3 - 16 2004 New Cut Arts, Halesworth, Suffolk ‘One Off Two’

Feb 19 - 26 2003 The Upper Gallery, Saxmundham - Winter Exhibition
Artist's Statement:
I have been a photographer for twenty-five years and I create limited edition photographic works and digital fine art. All my work begins its life as a photograph using a digital SLR camera, which I favour for the artistic freedom it can give to my work and, depending on the subject, I may alter the original so that it is quite different from what the eye sees. Many of my photographs are of landscapes and that usually leads me to a detailed study of what I see within the landscape. For instance, I may produce an image of the pebbles on a beach or the fine detail within the folded petals of a flower, both revealing something new to close scrutiny. With some images, as a result of working digitally, I will make changes that give a painterly effect. I can restrict the use of certain colours to create a warm or a cold tone for instance. Often I will create multiple copies of an image that are treated in different ways and then use a variety of blending modes until I have achieved the effect I want. Though many scenes are local to me they are not intended to record a particular location but rather describe the atmosphere and the emotion of the place. I am concerned with the play of light on land and sea and I aim is to produce an image that invokes in the viewer an emotional attachment to the scene.
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