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Ginette Ashkenazy Painting
Ginette Ashkenazy is one of the most multi-talented artists of her generation. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria she has lived and worked in various countries, including Israel and France. She now lives in London, UK. Her interests are in painting and scultpture including stone carving, papier mache, clay and wood. She enjoys the practice of Tai Chi and other Chinese internal martial arts. She has exhibited extensively in France, Spain, USA and England.
Essentially self taught but has worked and studied with maitre Daniel Bard in his atelier in the South of France.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Book cover for E.A. Markham;
Book Cover for London Borough of Brent Information booklet
Various textile designs for private clients employing innovative batik techniques in their production
Single Exhibitions:
Studio 12, London 2000; Lonsdale Gallery: London NW6 2001; Amber House Gallery, Tideswell, Derbyshire 2001; Towers & Trees, London 2002; Being Human,London 2004; The Tao of Time, London 2006
Group Exhibitions:
With Daniel Bard and M.H. Faglin, Cabris, Alpes Maritimes, France 1996; Lonsdale Art Collective, all women artists,1997; Quay Open, Isle of Wight, 1999; LBT Theatre Huddersfield, 2000;
Collyer Bristow Gallery, London 1999; Artistic License, London, 2000; Paintings and Sculptures with Maria Savitt, 2000; Galleria Zero, Barcelona, 2002; "Small Paintings", Louisville Municipal Gallery, Kentucky USA, 2002
Artist's Statement:
'When I enter my studio in the morning, and I know I am about to start a new painting or a new sculpture, I prepare my brushes - if it is a painting, or my materials and armature - if it is a sculpture, and I am away! To an unknown destination. This is the excitement of it, the challenge and the difficulty!'
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