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A Beautiful Bouquet
A Hornets Landing
Autumn leaves
Cat at Birdbath
Iris Series: Asiatic Londong
Journey up the Pathway
Lily Series: Honeywind
Orchid Series: Tranquility
The Tuscan village
A Woman in Bloom
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Gigi Hoeller Paintings
Spiritual Expressions is just that - expressions of Gigi Hoellers' spirit. Intuitively painted artwork that allows the viewer to experience different feelings and emotions when viewing the work; from serenity, meditation, power, energy, tranquility, happy joy, sensuality...
1998-1991 Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C.Painting Graphic Design Photogravure Lithography Graphic Design 1987 -1988 Capilano College Studio Art Program North Vancouver, B.C.
1987 North Shore Art Scholarship.
Selected Commissions/collections:
Commissioned to design twelve postage stamps for the Marshall Islands of Hibiscus Flowers.
Artist's Statement:
Although in recent months I have been focusing on flower images, my work also includes pictures of homes, unique buildings and gardens. I call my website "Spiritual Expressions" to reflect my feelings about painting. After having worked office jobs for what seemed like a lifetime, I found myself to be extremely unhappy, almost soulless and depressed. I also realized that most people feel the same way, walking around like zombies, trapped, trying to survive, lacking passion, not knowing what they want and plainly unhappy even though, in most cases, they have everything. Today's world is filled with so much stress, high anxiety, and pressure. There seems to be little time to enjoy ourselves. We all seem to be so busy and our lives so hectic. My artwork is about taking the time to enjoy life and experience happiness. My paintings are also about healing and and three kinds of relationships. The first relationship is between humans and nature. Since so many of us don't seem to have the time to enjoy and get comfortable within the environment, and the natural beauty it gives us every day, I would like to share it through my experiences and through my paintings. The second relationship is between man and woman. Flowers are the reproductive structures of plants and have evolved as some of the sexiest life cycles on our planet. They are part of nature's diversity of life, and show that life between species on earth is similar yet different. The amazing thing about flowers is that they have wonderful relationships within their ecosystems, assisted by birds, bees, butterflies, and all sorts of little creatures. This relationship shows that flowers are not so different from humans. Perhaps humans can learn something from the way flowers and creatures work together in such harmony. The third relationship is a personal relationship for me, between me and my mother. Although we were slightly strained during my teenage years and twenties, we now have a mature loving relationship, with one huge thing in common: flowers and gardening. Today when we are together, one of the main things we connect on are our gardens and all the plants we are growing. Flowers bring me so much happiness. The gift I want to share with others is in the bright colors I paint and the joy that flowers bring into my life, not only in my garden, but also on my walls.
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