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Isokorropia (floating chocolate bowl)
Rolling Vase
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Georgios Pitsillides Applied Art
My first encounter with metalwork was in Cyprus were I was fortunate enough to gain an inside knowledge of the trade by learning and helping my father, who is a well-established jeweller. Combining the traditional methods used by my father with modern techniques and materials I aim to develop truly contemporary work that displays a unique and futuristic flair. Thus my current volume of work consists of sculptural tableware and outdoor sculptures of elegant simplicity, inspired by the purity of the materials used (aluminium, steel, wood, silver, bronze, plastic and stainless steel) and made using a combination of machined precision and traditional hand skills.
2004-2006 MA by project (Art, Design and Visual Culture) London Metropolitan University2001-2004 BA(Hons) Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts London Metropolitan University (Formally London Guildhall University )2003 Lahti Polytechnic, Finland Erasmus Programme2001-2002 Btec Diploma in Art and Design London Guildhall University
2007 Goldsmiths Crafsmanship & Design Awards
Commendation in Silversmithing Category

2004 Goldsmiths Craftsmanship & Design Awards
Gold Prize in Silversmithing category

2004 British Jewellers’ Association
Gold Prize for Functional Sculpture

2004 Goldsmiths’ Company
Commendation for Commercial context
Selected Commissions/collections:
The Dolphin Hotel Southampton. Commissioned for an outdoor sculpture
Group Exhibitions:
2007 Goldsmiths Hall, London

2006 Aqua Studio, Mayfair, London

2005 The Metal Gallery, Mayfair, London

2005 Inhorgenta, Germany

2004 The Metal Gallery, Mayfair, London

2004 New Designers Exhibition, Business Design Centre, London

2004 Summer Show, London Metropolitan University

2004 Goldsmiths Hall, London

2003 Foyer Show, London Guildhall University

2002 Catwalk fashion Show, Rhythm Factory, London
Artist's Statement:
I am a young designer and maker of contemporary minimalist, sculptural silverware. I find my inspiration from nature in particular and enjoy contrasting the more structural with organic, such as flowers, pebbles with structures and buildings. I explore shapes and objects through sketching and modelling, before adding my personal style, to develop the final pieces. My work is hand made and so always unique and the majority of my work takes the unusual form of kinetic silverware, that is the objects themselves may balance or rock. The incorporation of this movement brings life to each individual piece. My design philosophy focuses on simplicity and quality of the line, though the styles of pieces may vary.
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