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Absence (triptych)
Flutter Vase
Fragments (set of three vessels)
Fragments (set of three vessels)
Infinite Detail 2
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Georgina Griffiths Paintings
A London-based artist, I create abstract, sensual and multi-layered oil paintings and glasswork. I'm happy to work closely with clients to design site-specific work for a range of settings.
Central Saint Martins School of Art 2000-2002: PG Cert - Glass in Fine Art and Architecture University College Cardiff, 1985-88: BA (Hons) English City Literary Institute, 1999-2000: Fine Art Course City Literary Institute 1995-1999: Various glass courses
The William DeMorgan Travel Award 2002

Single Exhibitions:
‘Icons of Malaria’ – 2004: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Group Exhibitions:
‘Style-O-Rama’ – 2006: City Gallery, Leicester
Midcentury Modern – 2005: De Le Warr Pavilion, Bexhill/Dulwich
'ELP at the Tea', Workplace Art Gallery, Shoreditch, London
Affordable Art Fair – 2004: Battersea Park, London
‘Space’ – 2004: Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
‘Smashing Glass’ – 2002: The Yard Gallery, London
Open Studios – 2002/2003: Cockpit Arts Studios, London
‘Fine Art in Glass’ – 2002: Cochrane Gallery, London
‘Contemporary Glass’ – 2002: Cochrane Gallery, London
‘X-hibit’ – 2001: Davies Street Gallery, Bond Street, London
‘Directions’ – 2001: Lethaby Gallery, London
‘Outside Glass’ – 2001: Cochrane Gallery, London
‘Glass in Spaces’ – 2001: Cochrane Gallery, London
‘Showdown’ – 2000: CLFAC Gallery, London
Artist's Statement:
My work explores things that might be considered inconsequential, unattractive or even disturbing at first sight: Such diverse subjects as microscopic bacteria or urban debris might provide the inspiration for my paintings and glasswork. Through a process of deconstruction, I reveal the beauty that lies in unexpected places, and this becomes the focus of my finished pieces. As a result, my work is often aesthetically appealing, yet it always retains traces of its origins. I aim to beguile, intrigue and occasionally unsettle the viewer, taking them back through my creative process so they too can find fascination in things they might otherwise ignore.Both paintings and glasswork usually involve a range of different techniques and materials, and these are often selected to reflect and complement the subject matter. Paintings are built up gradually from multiple layers to produce a luminous, sensual effect. Glass pieces are kiln-worked, and I often use a combination of processes such as screen-printing, painting and etching to achieve particular effects. By working in two such distinctly different yet complementary media, I am able to push the boundaries of what might be possible to achieve in each. A painting may inspire a glass piece, and vice versa, and this helps to keep the work fresh and exciting.
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