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Three of A Kind
Waiting For Spring
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Gayle Mason Paintings
Gayle was born in 1959, lives in Yorkshire, with a husband, two teenage sons and the Glenspey Rough Collies.She has have been painting and drawing animals since 2000, although her school work usually had small animal drawings in the margins.Breeding, showing and judging Rough Collies has given Gayle an intimate knowledge of dog behaviour and anatomy. Exhibitors at dog shows are always pleased to explain the finer points of their breed. This in turn means that the dogs are accurately portrayed in Gayle's paintings and drawings.Not forgetting cats, Gayle has friends with both pedigree and non-pedigree animals that she can study and photograph any time.Gayle has produced a range of limited edition giclee prints and fine art cards.She is represented by the K2 Gallery and at the 2005 Autumn Trade Fair at the NEC, 'Eye Spy' was the K2 Gallery's best selling print.Gayle's originals and prints are held in collections throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Russia.
BSc.(Honours)Zoology, Liverpool University 1980
June 04 British Watercolour Society Exhibition at Ilkley, Yorkshire
Gayle won an award for the artist 'whose paintings will catch the eye and stand out with their quality from the rest of the crowd'
Elected Companion of the International Guild of Artists
Group Exhibitions:
2004 UK Coloured Pencil Society Annual Exhibition at Keswick
Throughout 2004 and 2005 Artolicana Exhibitions throughout Yorkshire
Artist's Statement:
I am interested in capturing that special something which is personal to each individual animal, as well as accurately portraying the likeness. My own dogs provide me with endless reference material and also allow me to understand how they relate to one another and to their human 'family' I have found that knowledge really important in capturing the essence of each animal in my dog images.I have produced a series of 'Up Close and Personal' macro studies of cats because I find the eye expresses so much of what that individual cat is all about.I work in graphite, coloured pencil, pastel and acrylic, sometimes combining one or more of them in an individual work.To capture the softness of fur I like to use pastel on velvet, while for ultra fine detail I like the control I have over coloured pencil with touches of acrylic.I only use artists quality materials in my originals and my prints all comply to the Fine Art Trade Guild recommendations.My aim is to eventually produce larger work with several animals in a setting which gives a glimpse into a moment in their life.
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