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Fin Whale
Grey Squirrel
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Gavin Mundy Paintings
Gavin is a London based artist who has always found great pleasure in creating images. Gavin is mostly self-taught but a Degree in Graphic Design helped fine tune an already artistic eye. His preferred medium is acrylic as it "behaves the way paint should" but other mediums sometimes feature among his works too.
Gavin finds almost infinite inspiration from the effects of light and shadow, form, detail, pattern, texture and colour.
He has been a director of a small London art gallery and has exhibited around the UK, in Paris and in the USA. Venues have included museums, conferences and at NASA. His art has also been used in a book cover and some magazine articles and corporate publications. Local community projects have also benefited from his expertise.
Self Taught
Selected Commissions/collections:
A number of private commissions have been completed for clients in the UK and USA
Artist's Statement:
I love recreating the texture, character and volume of an animals in a painting. I like to think the viewer is not just enjoying the painting but the animal itself.
Being a bit of a texture freak I like doing a variety of creatures enjoying thick fur to scales and feathers etc.
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