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Franz Bruelhart Paintings
After studying art history in Berne and art in Geneva Franz Bruelhart left Switzerland to live in San Francisco. Subsequently there followed sojourns in New York and Berlin. In 1998 he returned to Switzerland where he started to paint portraits.
Art History in Berne Art in Geneva
Selected Commissions/collections:
Moritz Boschung
Philippe Cornu and Evelyne Stettler
Schwarz Gaensehaut
Sabine and Andreas Hahnloser-Tschopp
Ursula and Stefan Kramer
Francine Roccofort de Vinnière
Marc-Antoine Tschopp
Anna Weiss-Ludwig
Group Exhibitions:
Franz Bruelhart has exhibited at various group and solo exhibition in the U.S., Berlin and Switzerland.
Artist's Statement:
To capture the individuality, personality and presence of a person is my main interest in painting a portrait. It is of great importance to meet the model with respect and sympathy in order to be capable to communicate a natural, emotional and affectionate image. Background and surroundings in the painting often refer in a sometimes rather joyful and sometimes rather serious way to the person's characteristics, preferences or activities. The choice of colour is influenced by the portayed person's own sensuality.
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