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Begging gul on ceramic column
Crying gul on ceramic column
Figures in ceramic column
Rock form glazed vase
Seascape envelope form
Tree forms
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Frank Martin Applied Art
Frank was born in Bristol in 1951. After attending the art course at Filton College his interest extended into ceramics. After researching the content of the courses he enrolled at the Chesterfield course as this was designed for studio ceramics and to enabling potters to set up their own workshops. Frank established his first workshop whilst living in Derbyshire and returned to the Westcountry in 1983. In 1981 Frank provided a consultancy to set up the first stoneware pottery in Colombia, South America. He spent 3 months sourcing materials, building kilns and establishing the workshop. In 2006 he moved to the Somerset Levels he has now set up his new workshop at home. The workshop has views across the levels and the daily changing scenes of the landscape and wildlife are a constant source of inspiration.
Filton College of Art, foundation art course 1971, Chesterfield College of Art an Design, Studio Ceramics Course 1977 - 1980
Ceramics piece at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Selected Commissions/collections:
Group Exhibitions:
Sudbury Ceramics, South Wales Potters, Midlands and Westcountry Potters exhibitions, Somerset Guild of Craftsman exhibitions, and the universe!
Artist's Statement:
When I'm making, observing or drawing on inspiration thinking..... my overwhelming desire is to work from the heart, this means being honest and clear about influences in order to move on to the creative spark which ignites from time to time. I work at present in white oxidised stoneware, fired to 1220c, in an electric kiln. The glazes tend to be fairly literal in their translation, sky - sea - blue. The use of feldspar as a base in glazes is of importance to me. Quality is always important. Clay can be a difficult medium needing careful consideration at each stage - I love it! Most of my pieces are "one offs" and I'm happy to undertake commissions.
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