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Le Viol
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Fernando Aceves Paintings
Born in Mexico City in 1969, Fernando now lives and works as an independent artist in the city of Oaxaca, six hours to the east of Mexico City. His work currently forms part of various public and private collections both in Mexico and abroad.
1990 - BA in Visual Arts at the National University of Mexico 1986-87 - "Sculpture" by Tonino Cassilo at the Institute of Art of Silvio D’Amico, Rome, Italy 1998-99 - "Lithographs in Metal" by Paolo Laudissa at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome, Italy
1995 Grant from the Fund for Young Artists of the National Fund for Culture and Art (FONCA)- México
1995 UNESCO-ASCHBERG Residency Grant - Sénégal.
1998 FONCA Young Artists Grant - México
1999 Special Mention, Omnilife 1999 - Guadalajara, México
2000 Award at the First Rufino Tamayo National Biennial of Graphic Arts - Institution of the Graphic Arts of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México
2001 FONCA Young Artists Grant - México
2002 Grant for Artistic Excellence, Ministry of French Cultural Affairs - Paris, France
2004 Special Mention, Luna: An Artistic Expression - National Auditorium, México
2005 FONCA Foreign Residency Grant - Paris, France
Single Exhibitions:
1995 “Sedimento” - Cultural Centre of San Angel, México
1996 “Regards” - plastics by Fernando Aceves Humana and Shubrata Ghosh - Central Museum of Research and Documentation of Senegal, Saint Louis, Sénégal.
1996 “Mute Paintings”, Galería del Teatro Isauro Martínez, Torreón, México
1998 "Fernando Aceves Humana: New Works" - GalerÌa Art Felchlin, Zurich, Switzerland
1999 “The Human Condition” - Asosiazione Internazionale Incisori, Rome, Italy
2000 “Para Difuntos”, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, MACO, México.
2001 “Current Histories” - Praxis International Gallery, México
“Graphic Art as Diary” - Institute of Graphic Art of Oaxaca, IAGO, México and Institute of México in Madrid, Spain
2002 “Fernando Aceves Humana, Paintings” - Quetzalli Gallery, Oaxaca, México
2003 “At Risk” - CROUS Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
“Graphic Art” - Paris, France
"Night and Day", Museum of Contemporary Art, Yucatán (MACAY), Mexico
2005, "Fernando Aceves Humana: New Work" - CROUS Beaux Arts, Paris, France
Group Exhibitions:
1992 “Utopias of Life: New Mexican Artists” - an itinerant exhibition in Panamá, Panamá; Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1994 “Mexico in the 90's: A Self-Portrait” - Museum of Modern Art, México
1996 “Unstable Paint” - Alianze Francais, México
“Third Biennial of Monterrey” - Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, México
1998 “Heritage of the Museum of Modern Art" - México
“Dreams of Rock in Mitla” - Modern Art Museum of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México
1999 “Fourth Biennial of Monterrey” - Museum of Monterrey, México
“Up Until The Manifesto” - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma Italia.
“Great Prize Omnilife 1999” - Guadalajara, Mexico
2000 "Tenth Biennial of Painting - Rufino Tamayo" - Rufino Tamayo Museum, México
2001 "Art Chicago" - Praxis Gallery, Chicago, USA
2003 “Resident Artists" -Paris, France
2004 “XX Mexican Artists“ - Maison de l'Amerique Latine, Paris, France
2006 "Emerging from the Shadow: New Artists in Mexico" - Shoreditch, London
2005 Séptima Bienal Monterrey FEMSA, Monterrey N.L., Mexico
Artist's Statement:
"At Risk" - his recent series of paintings focusing on stuffed animals and their reintroduction into contemporary settings, deals with the ideas of life/death and immigration.
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