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Fabrizio Ruggiero Paintings
1970 –1978 Fabrizio Ruggiero (F.R.) creates hand-painted and printed textiles for pret-à-porter collections, gradually being involved in planning the full cycle of printed and woven necktie and foulard collections in silk and cashmere. Thus F. R. had occasion to take part in that "Challenge of restrictions" in shaping patterns that, as Sir E. H. Gombrich says: “offers an incomparable understanding of the operations of our sense of order in the perception of complex patterns". 1979 F. R. focuses his attention on the interaction of geometrical rhythmic structures and on the interesting phenomena illustrating the enrichment of information, which results when a description melts with another. F. R. gathered the results of his research in a graphic portfolio containing geometrical patterns, divided by families, to which he gives the name of "familiar resemblances". To pay homage to the studies of L: Wittgenstein on language.1972 – 1984 The interest in perception theory, developed during the years F.R. was studying architecture and a passion for oriental thinking, led him to spend six years in the Indian sub-continent, in successive journeys between, where he came in touch with Dhamma as a "point of view " into which perception and form theory naturally develops as the rules and practice of life. 1980 F.R establishes ARCHITECTURA PICTA, workshop specialised in contemporary fresco paintings. ARCHITECTURA PICTA works in the sphere of the theory of ' Decorum ‘, which is at the basis of all the great Renaissance art cycles. ARCHITECTURA PICTA is a flexible structure, able to plan and construct wall paintings by fresco of the highest quality in accordance with the client’s needs. Each piece is specifically for its individual site so it can be adapted to all the ' fortuitous necessities ' that may exist to accomplish the functions for which it is required.1984 F.R. studies and experiments the scheme, structure and process of Fresco and “Buon fresco” way of painting. Using this old technique, he has renewed it applying to cartoni and velature modern technological innovations. Since that time F.R. research flew in different streams, figurative and abstract, fed by the common water of fresco painting process. F.R. starts the cycles “On brush’s edge” and “ De arte pingendi fragmenta”.1986 – 1990 F.R. moulds a cycle of abstract sculptures collected under the title of “De arte fingendi drama”. The sculpture technique suggested by Latin verb fingere is that of moulding, but, in his abstract sculptures, Fabrizio Ruggiero preferred to use fresco-roughcast plaster. 1994 He gets interest in digital images processes and uses them as a base for fresco paintings and sometime as drawings.1996 F.R. starts painting large close-up portraits in Buon-fresco and Minimal Fresco. Minimal Fresco is a creation of F.R. where sand and lime plaster, basic elements in fresco technique, are used as colours in themselves.200072005 F.R. paints a cycle of “ large nudes” in its own studio located up in the hills surrounding Anghiari, Tuscany.2001/2002 F.R is also involved in the communication of the “Global Pagoda Project” the largest Buddhist Pagoda of the world under construction in Mumbai, India. He drew the 3D model of the Pagoda, and the images for the communication of the project. He is presently working at the construction of a virtual model of the Buddha for the exhibition hall of the Pagoda where main events in the life of the Buddha will be displayed.2003 F.R. is appointed as A.T. of Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Bha Khin.2000/2004 F.R. paints same important fresco portraits, among the others: Renzo Piano, Giorgio Forattini, George Brassens, Umberto Veronesi,2005 Abstract fresco fragments , a cycle of six paintings dealing with the essence of colours .
Student of Architecture at the University in Naples.
Single Exhibitions:
Abstract Fresco Fragments
Holland Art Fair The Hague , the Netherlands

Fresco Portraits
Arreditalia, Centro congressi, Arezzo

Bhanga in Venice
Virtual installation collateral to “ Plateau of Humankind”
49th Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte , Venice

L'Essere Umano Liberato
Progetto per il Premio Internazionale di Scultura " Terzo Millennio".

Nisatta or continuus fluxus
Palazzo Ducci del Rosso, Sansepolcro.
Rambling into awareness
Immaginaria Arti Visive, Firenze.

L’immaginario ornamentale
Centro Sperimentale per l’Arte Contemporanea
Firenze, Fortezza da basso.

Artefiera 98, Bologna

Atapi sampajano satima
W.A. A., London.

Galleria VeraVitaGioia, Napoli.

Artefiera 97, Bologna.

Icones Simbolicae
D’ART, Nizza.

Artist's Statement:
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