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Bouquet with wine decanter
Tulips and Peonies
Still Life with goldfinch
Nature Morte
La Terrasse
River Scene
Venetian Mask
Venetian Masks
Erquy Beach, Brittany
Brittany scene
Owl family
Irises with slice of melon
Rose-petal tea-cup
Fruit bowl
Mimosas and carnations
Sweet peas and irises
Two Cocker-spaniels
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Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro Paintings
Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro is a Parisian painter and portraitist. She hails from the union of two extremely distinguished families. Her father was the great Bolognese painter and portraitist Cesare Bacchi, who painted notably the King of Italy, Vittorio Emmanuelle III. Bacchi is listed in the prestigious encyclopaedia of art, the Benezit, as is his wife, Tanette Otis, the mother of Evelyne. Through her mother, Evelyne is the direct descendant of the Otis family, Boston, among which number a series of great patriots, politicians and statesmen.To name just three of her famous ancestors, one could cite James Otis, one of the intellectual giants of the American Revolution; Harrison Gray Otis, the third mayor of Boston; and Elisha Graves Otis, the inventor of the safety elevator. As for her work, Evelyne has sold literally hundreds of beautiful paintings. She is an incredibly versatile artists, and often paints portraits, flowers, still lifes, landscapes, and Venetian masks.
Evelyne learnt the classical Italian techniques under the auspices of her father Cesare Bacchi, who exhibited for thirty years at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, where he was awarded the Gold Medal.A major influence in her work is also the study of Japanese art, which she was personally taught by one of the aunts of the Emperor of Japan, Hiro Hito.
Prix d’Honneur, Salon des Artistes Français
Caillebotte Award.

Selected Commissions/collections:
2007 - Portrait of the Prima Donna Floria Rosimiro, in full Venetian costume, on the occasion of the Venetian Carnaval of Paris.

2003 - Fresco of famous French sculptor Félix Charpentier in his workshop, surrounded by famous personalities of the time, including the President of the French Republic, Paul Deschanel.

1997 - Altarpiece for the church of Saint-Lubin de Chassant.

1995-2000 Forty huge paintings specially commissioned by a collector of Saint Paul de Vence, for his villa in the South of France.

As a portraitist, a whole series of Parisian bankers, lawyers and opera singers.

Single Exhibitions:
Evelyne has had many successful exhibitions, both in Paris and the French provinces.
Group Exhibitions:
In 2005 she painted the Madonna for the church of Etroubles, in the Valle d’Aosta in the Italian Alps.

The work, financed by the Gianadda Foundation, is permanently displayed as part of the open-air exhibition of the village of Etroubles, uniting many artists of national and international repute. Thousands of visitors have been attracted to the occasion.

Artist's Statement:
I welcome commissions on any subject, and am happy to adapt to your taste.
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