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Large Round Gold Vessel
Medium Moon Gold Bowl
Medium White Gold Bowl
Mini Vessels
Small Gold Bowl
Small Moongold Bowl
Small Vessels
Tall Copper and Black Vessel
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Emma Johnstone Applied Art
I returned to college at the age of 26 - having had a varied and colourful career in several fields including the music industry, corporate and cable TV. I returned to college in 1993 and I realised I’d made the best decision of my life. Now my time is spent in the studio, doing what I love best. I make raku bowls, vessels and sculptures. They are highly finished pieces, incorporating ground, polished and gilded surfaces and have a precious gem-like quality to them.
1996 University of Westminster - Workshop Ceramics BA (Hons), First Class Honours.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2005 Royal Bank of Scotland

Available for commissions.
Group Exhibitions:
2006 Art in Action Earth & Fire The Great Art Fair The Affordable Art Fair The Bevere Gallery 2005 Earth & Fire Art in Action 2004 Collect, V & A Art in Clay 2003 Eton Applied Arts. Ceramics in the City. New Ashgate Gallery. Wessex Fine Art. Art in Action. Chelsea Craft Fair. 2002 Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Ceramics in the City. Art in Action. Artisan. Chelsea Craft Fair. ‘Gold’ - Contemporary Ceramics. Wall to Wall – Sarah Myerscough Fine Art 2001 Art 2001 – Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow, Scotland. ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Grace Barand Design Centre, Surrey. ‘A Still Point’ MAC Gallery, Manchester. Chelsea Craft Fair – London. Affordable Art Fair – Fairfax Gallery, Battersea. 2000 Art 2000 – Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Glasgow Art Fair, Glasgow, Scotland. Barbican Centre – Showcase Exhibition. Chelsea Craft Fair – London. 1999 Chelsea Crafts Fair – London. Vessel – Sarah Myerscough Gallery, Mayfair, London. 1998 Earth & Fire IV - Rufford, Nottingham. Archway Ceramics - Open Weekend - Guest exhibitor. Elements - Mosaic Gallery, Buxton, Derby. 1997 Earth & Fire III - Rufford Nottingham. The Quay Arts Centre - Isle of Wight. 1996 All Fired Up - Atrium Gallery, Whiteleys, London. The Best of Harrow - Eton Applied Arts, Eton, Windsor.
Artist's Statement:
These pieces have evolved from work started while living in Jerusalem. I am interested in the concept of fragments, glimpses and half remembered images of nature. My interest with the bowl form is enduring, and recently my work has been led by the clay and the secrets it hold both above and below the surface. The new work shown here is based on the deconstruction of my earlier pieces. By removing sections of the original forms, new planes are revealed and the form takes on a fresh perspective. I am using the slip resist technique on selected surfaces and contrasting this with gilding and texture.
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