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Black River
Dunestorm II
Energy Restrained
Energy Restrained II
Tectonic Shift
Volutions 2
Volutions 3
Volutions 4
Volutions 5
Volutions 7
Volutions I
Untitled 9
Gypsy Flame
Untitled 16
Untitled 15
Homage to Ellen
Night Bloom
Untitled 12
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Elizabeth Schwartz Paintings
Elizabeth Schwartz is an American abstract artist who works mainly in acrylic. She began studying art in 1990, following a successful career as an attorney and judge. She has studied with such renowned abstract artists as Kwok Wai Lau, Katherine Chang Liu, and Glen Brandshaw. Her work has appeared in a number of group and solo exhibitions.
Drawing, Painting, and Color classes at Washtenaw Community College. Numerous workshops: collage and assemblage with Jonathan Talbot; collage with Louise Cadillac. Studied abstract painting with Carla O’Connor, Carole Barnes, Leslie Masters, Miles Batt; open studio with Kwok Wai Lau, Katherine Chang Liu, Glen Brandshaw, Alex Powers.University of Michigan Law School, Juris DoctorateUniversity of Michigan, Bachelor of Science
2005 AAWA, Third prize winner, Displayed at Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson Michigan, Juror: Deanna Krueger
2005 AAWA, First prize winner, Juror: Martha Rock Keller
2003 “Gifts of Art” show, University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan, First prize winner, Juror: Roy Johnston
2002 AAWA, Third Prize Winner, Juror: Fred Horowitz
Selected Commissions/collections:
Dr. Judith Ruzumna
Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick
Offices of Ruth Mealy and Associates
Single Exhibitions:
2007, Wiessman Gallery, Chicago, Ill
2006, Up Gallery, Chicago, Ill
2004, Tabor Hill Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
Group Exhibitions:
2007 Biennale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2007 9th Annual Abstraction International Online Juried Exhibition, Juror:
Larry Bradshaw
2007 “Our Town” art exhibition and sale, Birmingham, Michigan, Jurors:
Barbara Heller and Denise Little
2007 AAWA, Juror: Kenneth Gross
2006 "4th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle International Online Juried Art Exhibition"
2006 “Our Town” art exhibition and sale, Birmingham, Michigan, Juror: Dominic Pangborn
2006 National Collage Society, Small Format Show, Akron, Ohio
2006 AAWA, Juror: Stanley Rosenthal
2005 “Our Town” art exhibition and sale, Birmingham, Michigan, Juror: Gregory Wittkopp
2004 AAWA, Juror: Elaine Wilson
2004 AAWA, Juror: Sharon Que
2003 “Our Town” art exhibition and sale, Birmingham, Michigan, Juror: Ray Frost Fleming
2003 Livonia Exhibition of Fine Arts, Livonia, Michigan, Juror: Patrick McCay
2002 Michigan Fine Arts Council Exhibit
2001 Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center student show
Artist's Statement:
As a painter, I am drawn to the visual complexities and textures of the natural world. My vision of the elements includes both the serene and the tumultuous: the deep crevasses of cracking ice, the tumbling of boulders, the roar of rivers. My intention is at times to soothe, at times to excite the viewer, and to evoke a bit of disequilibrium: windswept sand dunes, riotous waters, flow from unknown sources. My work is often on a large scale to convey the sense of nature’s grandeur and power, beauty and turbulence. My paintings are abstract – inspired by nature, but not of nature – consisting of impressions, interpretations and memories. My process is spontaneous and unplanned. This approach, not knowing what the paintings will look like when they are finished, keeps me interested and excited about making the paintings. I use the paint brush or palette knife, at times in bold, sweeping strokes, at times creating complex textural layers, simultaneously concealing and revealing the work underneath the surface, thereby allowing for multiple interpretations. This interplay of the image, the surface, and the history of the painting as it evolved, allows the viewer to experience the paintings on many levels.
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