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Edward Gordon Paintings
Edward B Gordon is a painter.
Self Taught.
Artist's Statement:
Edward studies the techniques of the Old Masters and brings them in his works into a modern context by placing scenes and characters of today into a symbiosis of old master techniques, vibrant colours and his own individual recognisable way of painting. The use of light and shadow as well as the applied chiaroscuro technique accentuate and lead into the depth of the image. To give his painting the best possible material standard Edward uses first-class artist oil colours and canvasses especially prepared by him. Since 1998 Edward has established himself as a portrait painter and is taking on other commissions as well. Apart from many regular portrait works, Edward has recently created a range of so called work in progress portraits that often go together with company portraits. These include the 36 canvasses large painting of a one day production circle of a daily newspaper, the commission to portrait a famous haute cuisine restaurant of Berlin in various scenes and also many portraits of cooks and waiters in their professional habitat of restaurant kitchens and gastronomique surroundings. Edward has also accepted and realised a few company building portraits.
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