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fleurs de beton
le chemin
les penitents
resistances 2006
têtes oranges
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Dominique Gentreau Paintings
" An Artist wastes away to create and the track of this fire is its Art "vibrating of colored feelings, protected by his shell, the artistfeels the force of the paintbrush vibrating on the canvas.The silence which surrounds him participates in its power, just thefriction of the tool on the support fills( the workshop of aparticular atmosphere.His duty of existence passes by magic moment or nothing more othercan, or has to exist.Fragile tightrope walker on a silk thread, he sinks when the doubt assailshimRoaming on the edge of the nothingness, he is not common so much hismission is essential.That is he otherwise the happy hero or an unfortunate of the emotion? His sensitive painting cannot leave indifferent. Made by a calculated,attentive spontaneity in the slightest detail. The biggest difficulty is not tolet perceive this thorough work.Very influenced by Dubuffet and the Expressionists, he expresses hisunlimited art, without becoming attached to a particular style, privilegingthis freedom which puts in danger all the time. The creation is an intense act.Requiring in the quality of its works as his expositions, thelast ones did not prove unworthy
Distinctions :
1er Price, Salon des Peintres de ST VINCENT DE PAUL 1985
1er Price,International Académy G.DUPOUY, DAX1994
1er Price, 13e Salon de Peinture, MONT DE MARSAN 1996
Price of Honor, 105e Salon « Amis des Arts », Muséum of Beaux-Arts, PAU 1996
1er Price 17e Salon de Peinture, MONT DE MARSAN 2000
1er Price, 1ER Salon DAX en EAUX, DAX 2000
Spécial Mention Salon des Indépendants St-JEAN DE LUZ 2006

Single Exhibitions:
Galery Art Présent,PARIS1999
Cultural Center, DAX 2001
M IA C Puls’ Art Le MANS 2005
Galery Sala Barna BARCELONE 2005
Cafe-music MONT DE MARSAN janvier2006

Artist's Statement:
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