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Flying Nude
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Diyan Dimitrov Paintings
Diyan Dimitrov Dimitrov was born in 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has participated in art exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, and also in mural paintings projects.
In 2005 he graduated the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria with a speciality of painting.
2002 - Academic competition of Paintings from the nude. First award.
2000 - Balkan Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. First award.
Selected Commissions/collections:
2004 - Mural painting in Marrakesh, Morocco. The artists took part in the projet of developing mural paintings in the Palace Museum Hermes in Marrakkesh, Morocco.
Group Exhibitions:
Annual participation in exhibitions Paintings from the nude;
2003, 2005, 2006 - Participations in various exhibitions in Navil Art Gallery, Nataly Gallery, Active Art Gallery, and other galleries in Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus.
2002 - Interpred Business Center, Sofia, Bulgaria. Exhibition - Competition on theme "What is the reason to stay in Bulgaria";
2001 - KRUG Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2000 - Balkan Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. More than 100 artists participated. First award for the artist.
Artist's Statement:
Diyan Dimitrov works in the field of composition, portrait, still life. By sheer observation and hard work he made himself an accomplished painter. The magic power of his imagination offers us a journey to a supernatural world, to an indeterminable fantastic space and helps us soar into infinity where everythings becomes romantic. Actually, this is a way which leads inward. The Author also reveals a peaceful atmosphere of a real life, religious contemplation, spiritual renewal, movement, the beauty of female body. He is a painter with an inner poetic gift.
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