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Diana Miller-Pierce Paintings
Hoosier born and bred, Ms. Miller-Pierce currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From her earliest memories, DianaMiller-Pierce has wanted to be an artist, and has always painted and drawn. She envisions her work as being an expression of the beauty, wonder and joy of life. She hopes that through viewing her work, people can learn to see the beauty in the everyday world which surrounds them.In addition to being a professional artist, Ms. Miller-Pierce is a psychotherapist in private practice, and frequently draws from her artistic side in her therapy with clients. She finds art to be both a therapeutic and a diagnostic tool.
Self Taught.
Diana Miller-Pierce's works have been exhibited in numerous shows and garnered many awards. In 1995, she was named one of Indiana's top ten "most collectible" women artists by Indianapolis Woman magazine.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

American Watercolor Society
Annual National Juried Show

Indiana State Fair
Annual Juried Show

Watercolor Society of Indiana
Annual Juried Show
Merit Awards

Indiana Artist Club
Annual Juried Show
Merit Awards

Hoosier Salon
Annual Juried Show
Merit Awards

Ventures in Creativity
Annual Juried Show
Merit Awards

Windsor & Newton
Art Goes on Holiday - International Juried Show
3rd Place
Artist's Statement:
Diana Miller-Pierce is a traditional watercolorist in the impressionistic style. While her work is painted in a traditional impressionistic style, Ms. Miller-Pierce involves a strong sense of abstraction in the underlying composition of the paintings. The artist is attracted to scenes involving strong clear light that casts shadows on her subject matter. She looks for a composition of dark and light patterns that help to create the dynamic tension and energy. Last but not least, she uses color to enhance the images and enchant the viewer. She specializes in floral, architectural, mechanical, cats and still life subjects, which have been influenced by her travels in the Caribbean and Southwestern United States.Trillium Studio is named for the three types of trillium which bloom in the wooded area outside her studio windows. Ms. Pierce spends numerous hours at her drafting table, looking out at the woods and painting with the added help of her seven Persian feline companions.
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