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Bronze Pebble
Steel with Windows
Stiletto Legs
Sugar Boots
Techno Crystal
Winged Soul
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David Raine Applied Art
David Raine, started out as a poet and a sculptor before travelling the world as a photographer for Associated Press and working for several years in the film industry as a producer and international set designer. In recent years he has returned to his love of sculpture full time and works in his studio near St Ives, Cornwall.A sense of poetry, of objects as metaphors, always lies at the root of his work. Using materials that combine different qualities of permanence and fragility, his inspiration comes from both the wild Cornish coastline with its natural organic forms and a love of urban city life.
Self taught
Artist's Statement:
Are dreams just our confused brains de-fragmenting when we rest, just scraps of picture images racing back and forth through the maze of neuron connections seeking to be correctly filed, occasionally flashing up as a partially recognizable scene that weerroneously feel significant?And in the day another overload of thoughts, and facts and images assails our conscious and unconscious minds until we hit the pillow to get them sorted.Shapes come to me in the daytime. Sculptural shapes and sculptural ideas emerge complete from nowhere. At least thatís how it appears on the surface of things. But like the process of nightly de-fragmentation and neat filing, that process of re-organizing the blitz of images into a form that is pleasing to my mind and to my set of emotions is what I do. Itís personal, it is a physical expression of how my arrangement of emotions copes with the world around me.
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