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Lanner Falcon
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David Ord Kerr Paintings
David Ord Kerr has built up a reputation as one of the top bird painters in the country, particularly of exotic birds. He has a great following of collectors who are eagerly awaiting his new work. His ability to combine accuracy with such wonderful vibrant colours make his subject really come alive. David was born in 1951 and educated at Hertford Grammar School where he concentrated to the Amazon, working as the exhibition artist producing drawings of fishes for the British Museum and plant drawings to assist with a monkey breeding project at Chester Zoo. On returning to England he completed a foundation course at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design, followed by a three year degree course at the Royal Academy Schools, where he won both prizes for the Anatomy Award and the Landscape Painting Award
Hertford Grammar School Foundation Course at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design Royal Academy of Art Degree Course
Artist's Statement:
David's fascination, possibly obsession with Birds, has takes a step further over the past few months, when Mrs Harris moved into share his Studio. Mrs Harris is a Harris Hawk. It is therefore not surprising that his treatment of feather and avian details have become even more fluent and convincing. Yet accompanying this exquisite talent for observation and subsequent depiction on board or canvas, is the ability to convey a painterly quality of composition and harmony which adds a dimension far beyond laboured illustration.
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