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Darren Rolinson Paintings
Darren Rolinson, born 1977 in Coventry.Drawing and Painting has always played a huge part in this artists life. From an early age Darren used the power of painting to express his imagination. Early college works were inspired by "Doodle" type drawings which spilled out the emotions and thoughts in his life at the time. He progressed through his degree work exploring and perfecting his enery style abstract pieces, as well as concerntrating on over-sized 8ft portraits for his final degree show.More recently Darren has worked on various private commissions and solo exhibitions, his work is held Internationally.
BA (HONS)Fine Art Degree, Specialising in Painting, Loughborough University
Selected Commissions/collections:
1995 mural for Jaguar sports centre
2000 abstract painting private commission
2001 private portrait commission - USA
2003 painting of a house private commission
2005 private commission pet painting
2006 Family Portrait private commission
2007 Pet Portrait private commission
2007 Portrait of a friends sister Private commission
2008 Private commission of Football legend

1995 mural for jaguar sports centre
1996 national diploma exhibition coventry motor museum
1997 exhibition piece for astra chemical company loughborough
1998 painting in a box loughborough university gallery
1998 Dualism/still life exhibition at jordan well gallery coventry
1999 Gingers caf� exhibition hertford street coventry
1999 final degree show loughborough university
2000 abstract painting private commision
2001 private portrait commision
2003 painting of a house private commision
2005 private commision pet painting
2006 exhibition relish and delght deli nuneaton
2006 Family Portrait private commision
2007 Pet Portrait private commision
2007 Portrait of a friends sister Private commision
Single Exhibitions:
1996 Exhibition Coventry Motor Museum
1997 Exhibition piece for astra chemical company Loughborough
1998 Dualism/still life exhibition at Jordan Well Gallery Coventry
1999 Gingers caf� exhibition hertford street coventry
2006 exhibition Relish and Delght Deli Nuneaton

Group Exhibitions:
1994 Exhibition The Butts Coventry
1999 Exhibition Loughborough University

Artist's Statement:
Through painting I attempt to create an image that seems unique, each time you view it, this can depend on the viewer's mood or perspective, through this changing image I hope to incite a feeling or atmosphere from your own experience, so that involves you. On a wider level, I would hope to make the viewer more aware of the sheer power of paint, and the unique qualities that paint has in expressing colour. On a practical level there's no heirs and graces with my work, no fancy glaze's or effects, just paint, canvas and technique resulting in some stunning imagery. As a process it is a battle between three forces, colour, paint and the artist, giving an aesthetic artwork to compliment any space.
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