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A Lofty View
Alaskan Brown
Fall Reflections: Canada Goose
Life in the Pack: Timberwolves
Like A Whisper
Timberwolf and Whitetail Sheds
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Daniel Brown Paintings
As far back as I can remember art has been a driving force in my life. As a student, the margins of my notebooks were typically filled with drawings of all the outlandish images of the places my mind wandered. My grades, needless to say, were never very good because I was always drawing and creating on every scrap piece of paper I could get my hands on. With this said, It is of no surprise that my life has lead me to my current occupation - high school art teacher and starving studio-artist. I live and teach in a town that is very much stereotypical, middle America - Findlay, Ohio to be more precise. I have been married to my wife Amy for 10 years and we have a four year old daughter (Klaudia) and two cats (Randal, and River) all of whom are constant sources of inspiration within my life and art. I have a great deal of personal interests and hobbies: hunting, fishing, weight-lifting, martial arts, music, books (particularly - fantasy and science fiction) - all of which lend themselves to my creative process. Since pursuing my professional life in the fine arts, I have been blessed to have had a fair amount of success in getting my artwork seen, purchased, and published. Currently, I have work in both private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. I recently had one of my wildlife paintings featured in an artist "how to" book. I have also done group and solo exhibitions and have won two "best of show" awards and a "people's choice" award for my oil and acrylic paintings. I have had the opportunity to serve as a guest judge for two fine-art university shows, have overseen and managed the art direction in four local musicals, and probably my proudest accomplishment was receiving Educator of the Year in 2004.
BA Art Education 1997, The University of Findlay BA Art English Literature 1994, Bowling Green University
FAAL Northwest Ohio, Best of Show 1999
FAAL Northwest Ohio, Best of Show 2001
FAAL Northwest Ohio, Peoples Choice Award 2002
Selected Commissions/collections:
Commercial Savings Corporate Collection 2004
Findlay Industries Private Collection 2002
Single Exhibitions:
Gardner fine Arts Pavillion, Ohio 2000
FAAL Northwest Ohio , 2001

Group Exhibitions:
FAAL Northwest Ohio, 1999
Artist's Statement:
Painting to me is a life journey; as well as, a quest for that ever-elusive lightning strike I call self-awakening. Many artists will tell you that at some point in their life or career they experience this “lightning strike”, an epiphany of sorts, and it opens their eyes to new pathways of creativity. My artwork reflects some of those moments and makes itself evident in stylistic changes within the work. This change will be obvious to the viewer, in that, my earlier paintings and prints have a very abstract quality to them. My most recent paintings are a shift in direction - the focus being a return to realism and my love of wildlife.Content within my paintings has always reflected my love for the outdoors and a respect for the God created beauty of the natural world. As a boy I spent a great deal of time learning from my Dad the art of hunting, fishing, and trapping. He also taught me to appreciate the rich history and tradition of the Native American people. This theme has surfaced a number of times in my paintings and continues to be a source of inspiration. I work in a variety of mediums (i.e. acrylic, oil, charcoal, and pastel); however, acrylic is my first choice due to its heavy body and quick drying time. I am a very spontaneous painter; acrylic allows me to work fast and make changes in a few minutes as opposed to hours or days in the case of oils. In short, my world revolves around the visual act of creating art. This is both a physical and conceptual practice that I find life enhancing. As an artist and a teacher I can think of no better way to travel the pathways towards self-discovery. I am constantly in search of the next lightning strike and the new and wonderful direction it may bring.
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