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Plant Form
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Dan Lewis Sculptures
I was born in Somerset and am now living on the Kent coast in Ramsgate. After spending 3 months in the Middle East during my degree I moved to London where I worked for about 12 years making props for film, tv and advertising. I am a stone & wood carver and I also use print making to inform my work.
Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Taunton Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury.
April 1995. The Bronze Award from Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury
Selected Commissions/collections:
January 2001. Mahogany carving for private home, London
December 2000. Pine Wood carving for private home, London
August 2000. Bath stone carving for St. Louis Primary school, Somerset
October 1999. Oak wood relief , Somerset
April 1998. Lepine stone carving for private garden, Bath
March 1998. Recycled carved wood construction for garden, Surrey
August 1995. Carrara marble carving, London based production company
Single Exhibitions:
July 2001. Orange Lemon and Lime restaurant, London
September 1998. Leo Burnetts Advertising Agency, London
Group Exhibitions:
July 2007. The Community Pharmacy Gallery, Margate Kent.
April 2000. 2 day Corporate Cricket Event sponsored by the East London Training & Enterprise Council ( LETEC )
October 1998. The Red Dot Gallery, Ipswich.
April 1998. The Stoke Newington Festival, London
May 1997. The Stoke Newington Festival, London
October 1996. The Black Swan Gallery, Somerset
May 1996. `Bronze Sculpture In Canterbury` Kent Institute Of Art & Design
January 1996. The Drew Gallery, Kent
July 1995. Mount Ephraim Gardens, Kent
Artist's Statement:
My work is concerned and related to buildings and structures from the past. I am interested in the relationship between appearance, function, content and form. The loss of function and the power of redundancy also fascinate me. Plant forms and nature also inspire much of my work. My reliefs are both decorative and calming, but by taking familiar forms and exaggerating them or playing with their scale I also want to challenge your imagination.
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