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Dai Roberts Sculptures
Born in 1974 in Andover, Hampshire, England.
Chelsea College of Art and Design Ma Fine Art 2005Chelsea College of Art and Design Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art 2003-2004The Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Fine Art 1999 - 2002 Winchester School of Art and Design Foundation in art and Design 1998 1999
Artist's Statement:
If I try to locate my practice beyond directly talking about the objects and think about why creating an absurdity within art is a valid position for an artist and an artwork to take. If we look at art as confrontational with society against the idea of monitory value or capital and left wing, (Marxist doctrine). The kind of predictions Marx made can be seen to have come true, but not ending as Marx expected in some uprising against the system. We exist now with this taken for granted even the ideas of being political or recently having an ideology have been called into question so an art work which would attempt to pertain to such things can be seen as absurd and is this something I am interested in politics through ascetics. A humorous abstention from comment.
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