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The Vase
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Christopher Hudson Paintings
I was borne in South Africa and spent most of my life there. I worked in the South African National Defence Force Art department out of school then went on to do an apprenticeship with Tony Hugo as an illustrator. I assisted on several high profile works for campaigns, one won the best art work for the year in the South African Advertising Awards. At tis point I learnt advertising was not for me... I need the freedom of creativity far to much that advertising allowed as an illustrator.Predominantly I have done strictly private work selling what I have done as it is completed, unfortunately at this time too I was only financially able to pursue my art part time. As of September 2008 I have had the opportunity for the first time to actively pursue my art full time again.The line of motion is the foundation of every painting, this is the foundation of all my art. Based on the work of the cubists, fauvists, impressionists and post impressionists my work attempts to combining motion with colour and passion.
I was educated in South Africa where I completed my senior certificate. I went on to do an apprenticeship with Tony Hugo in advertising illustration.
Artist's Statement:
I enjoy oils, sketching, sculpture, pen, air brush, gauche and acrylic but oils are by far my preferred medium though some feel my sculpture is where I excel.Most of my work you will find is based on the human form, simply it is so enthralling to facet the human form with motion and to portray emotions and express the moments when using a form we are all so comfortable with.Art is not only and extension of ones soul but the presentation of skill. I once asked a mentor, “What makes a masterpiece?” His response was simple, "When you own a master piece you own a piece of the artist soul... That is what makes a masterpiece."With this in mind the answer is clear, art for arts sake or art for the public!
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